FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions are listed here.



How to install BIBLOS 2.1

Unpack downloaded file and run:

source biblos_install.sh -c $desired_path_to_cots -i $desired_path_to_sources


How to install BIBLOS 2.0

If automated installer was downloaded simply unpack it and run source install.sh. Otherwise please refer to Software User Manual.


How to install required tools

On Ubuntu GNU/Linux this can be done by executing following command:

sudo apt install gnuplot m4 make cmake bash gcc g++

For other systems please refer to their repositories or manuals.


How to run block or module

From command line the pattern is as follows:

binary global_config,local_config input1,...,inputN output1,...outputN.

For specific usage of blocks and modules please refer to Software User Manual.