Building blocks for end-to-end Earth observation mission performance simulators

The BIBLOS project is designed to guide and help you with the development of an End-to-End Performance Simulator (E2ES) for Earth Observation missions.

An E2ES is a tool used by the Scientists and Engineering teams to simulate the acquisition and generation of the satellite products. There are an increasing number of missions that develop performance simulators in early stages (phase 0/A, B1) to assess requirements, evaluate the instrument characteristics, the products, etc. These simulators often evolve into the operational simulators. The development of a simulators is costly. There needs to be a detailed definition of the architecture for each mission, implementation and a lengthy validation process. To try to reduce the cost, and avoid re-engineering, the BIBLOS project has a step-by-step approach that:

All BIBLOS projects are based on ESA’s ARCHEO-E2E project led by GMV where a review of different EO mission needs and mission characteristics from the point of view of E2ES, led to the definition of six generic high-level modules. All BIBLOS components are provided under the European Space Agency Community License – v2.4 Permissive.

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06 / 05 / 2024

New BIBLOS website is available. It includes BIBLOS v2.2 and v3.0. BIBLOS v3.1 will be release in July 2024.