Workshops 2021

Recordins from workshop sessions
Materials for tutorials:

  1. Workshop is designed so that you can try installing and using BIBLOS. If you wish to do this, here are the steps advised to be performed before attending the workshop.
  2. Register at This step is important as BIBLOS license allows only users from ESA Member States to download it. WARNING: The registration needs to be processed and accepted manually by the BIBLOS Team, this step might take a day or two. Make sure all the tools are installed. The list of tools is provided at Note that external libraries are installed along with BIBLOS installer, so only tools are necessary. DEM is optional. Installation of those tools for Ubuntu can be performed by executing in console
    sudo apt install $TOOLNAME:
    • sudo apt install gcc
    • sudo apt install make
    • sudo apt install cmake
    • sudo apt install tar
    • sudo apt install unzip
    • sudo apt install m4
    • sudo apt install bash
    • sudo apt install gnuplot
  3. Log in to the BIBLOS website and download the software:
  4. Follow installation instructions available in quickstart guide That website also contains tutorials to execute currently supported instruments.

Introduction and how to install the Building Blocks 16/03/2021 09:30 16:00
Passive Microwave Instruments Session 17/03/2021 09:30 12:30
Passive Optical Instruments Session 17/03/2021 14:00 17:00
Active Microwave Instruments Session 18/03/2021 09:30 12:30
Active Optical Instruments Session 18/03/2021 14:00 17:00